About the Website

This page discussess how the website functions and explains some technical aspects about the website.

Website Users

In essence the website's typical user would be a person looking for information about the engineering industry in Namibia, specifically consulting engineers. Key information provided on the website is:

    • All Information about ACEN, this includes rules and regulations, membership, etc.
    • Information about consulting engineers, and how to choose one
    • Information about the different engineering disciplines and the skills a competent engineer should have
    • Information about each meber firm of ACEN, by means of a profile which the member maintains

Choice of CMS

The website is built on the Drupal CMS platform with mostly core and contributed modules to provide all functionality. Drupal's strength lies in its ability to render data in interesting ways. The designer has access to all data and can thus use and manipulate it to the needs of the website. Drupal is free, and so are the contributed modules. Thus no hidden costs are incurred to provide some odd functionality. Other CMS's often require paid modules to create calendars, galleries or user management functionality.


"Behind the curtains" four types of users can create content for the website while the fifth is the ordinary "anonymous" visitor to the site:

  1. The webmaster in essence is responsible for all functionality  in and around the website. Content from the previous website(s) was uploaded by him, but not modified. Content created by him includes all the legal requirements (disclaimers, privacy, etc) and information about the engineering disciplines and related skills.
  2. The webeditor is the ACEN representative who is responsible for all content of the website, including the suitability and accuracy of content created by the webeditor
  3. The ACEN council member is a member of the "council members group". Each current council member of ACEN is a member of this group. These group members have the ability to edit their own profiles on the website. Only the webmaster and webeditor have the ability edit these profiles, but they are not responsible for them.
  4. The Acen member is a member of the "ACEN members group". Each current member firm of ACEN is a member of this group. The mandated pincipal (MP) has a login account which grants him access to the system. He has the the ability to edit their member profile. He also has the ability to add and edit member projects. Only the webmaster and webeditor have the ability edit the profile and projects.
  5. The anonymous visitor can view content and submit website feedback form.

The ACEN website is "engineered" and maintained by Kai Eysselein.

Engineering Discipline

Electronics Engineering
Electronics engineering, or electronic engineering, is an engineering discipline where non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are utilized to design electronic...Read more

Member Project

Maerua Mall 500kW Solar Voltaic Installation

User-Client: Oryx Properties Limited

Contractor: NEC Power & Pumps (Pty) Ltd

Contract Status:  Completed September 2015

Contract Value: N$ 1,2 million...Read more